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Serrapeptase/Emphysema Radio Interview

By Dennis Gore, Pharmacist and Radio Broadcaster on the BBC, August 2004

Question: When did you first come across the Serrapeptase?

Dennis Gore: I basically met Serrapeptase in about March 2002 as a result of the publicity surrounding the good results people were getting and the fact that it was available on prescription from doctors in Germany and other European countries.

I researched it and found out that it was an enzyme made by a bacterium and was originally found in the Silkworm.

The Silkworm uses the enzyme to help digest the tough Mulberry leaves it lives on and spectacularly it uses it to instantly dissolve a large hole in the super hard wall of the cocoon it lives in. The Silkworm moth then emerges quickly and escapes before predators can devour it. I found out that scientists in about 1970 started to culture this enzyme in the laboratory by feeding it a protein. The results were a dry white, tasteless powder that contains the Serrapeptase Enzymes. They then did some exploration research by giving it to animals and eventually, humans. They found it was perfectly safe, with no side effects and so they set up properly conducted double blind studies. These showed that as well as getting rid of chronic inflammation they would also dissolve non-vital protein material. I read about Dr. Hans Napier’s results with cleared blocked arteries and preventing the need for by-pass operations. I read studies from around the world where mucus and catarrh could be cleared very easily, swelling and trauma recovery and (recover of) even non-cancerous breast cysts. In fact, after mentioning this on my radio program, a lady telephoned me from Southport and reported that after using this for breast cysts, her doctor had given her the all clear.

The first dramatic effect that I experienced was with a man in his 60’s who had been a heavy smoker for many years. His wife wheeled him from a special van into my pharmacy. He was very breathless in his voice and was difficult to understand because he has emphysema and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). These are considered to cause irreversible damage to the linings of the lungs usually caused by smoking or toxic environments. Whereas asthma may be considered reversible, COPD is an irreversible disease. Normally with this, the only thing we can do is relieve or help, say with an oxygen tank or sprays to open the airways, or steroid sprays that help to stop inflammation. This man said he had heard me on the BBC Radio Program talking about the studies, saying that it had helped to maintain the airways of people with breathing problems by helping to breakdown the damaged tissue that had built up over their lifetime, whether due to smoking or things like working with chemicals. He told me he was on sprays, on oxygen and on antibiotics every two weeks as he was always getting bad infections and breathlessly he told me wanted to try Serrapeptase. To begin with, he took two 20,000 IU tablets (equivalent to 5 mg tablets) on an empty stomach, four times per day. Later he reduced it to four per day of the tablets and finally, as maintenance, he reduced it to a couple per day.

Three weeks later the door opened and this man, who I had only met once sitting in a wheelchair (just one of the many daily faces in my practice), walked in and said in a completely clear voice, with no breathlessness, “Do you remember me? I was in three weeks ago with my wife.” I had to apologize that I see so many people and could he remind me. He then reminded me that he was the person with emphysema and this 6’ tall person who had been in a wheelchair previously, had marched out of his van, no wife with him, no wheelchair with him and spoke to me in a clear voice. He told me that in the early days so much rubbish was coming up that he thought his lungs might be disintegrating, but he soon realized that it was a big clear-out underway. He started to feel so much better and he was no longer on antibiotics, no longer on oxygen cylinders, and he was no longer using his sprays. He was still smoking and he had booked a holiday to go to Benidorm, in Spain in March 2002. He is still a regular visitor to the shop to get supplies; he brings other people along, he buttonholes other people in the shop and praises Serrapeptase if he hears them ask about it. He is still so thrilled after 2 years of feeling good.