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Serrapeptase — The Silkworm-Butterfly Enzyme

Upon receiving my copy (from England) of Christine Thorne’s newsletter, Infectious Diseases, Toxins and Natural Remedies early in March 2004, I read it immediately (to order her NL email Christine at chris@IDTNR.f9.co.uk). The articles about the silkworm-butterfly enzyme, Serrapeptase, which sounded so perfect for my daughter, Sandy, motivated me to call every health food store in the bay area looking for it. Only one store had it and within the hour I was on my way to San Francisco to make my purchase. That afternoon, Sandy and I began taking Serrapeptase tablets and she noticed a reduction in her whole-body-pain soon after taking her first tablet! By the next day (after only 3 tablets) Sandy’s deep chest cough was much better and her whole outlook on life had improved.

Preventing a heart attack or stroke is my main reason for taking it so I didn’t expect a quick change; however, in 3 days I stopped craving dairy products (have I lost an allergy?).

In this issue I have reprinted Christine’s collection of articles for you and made the highest quality Serrapeptase