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More Serrapeptase Testimonials

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Serrapeptase Testimonial #1

Just thought I would let you know how impressed I am with your Serrapeptase supplement.

Having a hip defect, I suffer from arthritis and have been in a great deal of pain for the past few years. I tried Serrapeptase after reading a newspaper article, and was amazed at the results. After just a couple of days, the inflammation in my joints had reduced, and I am now pain-free. I have been able to reduce my prescription drugs from 18 a day to 2, and I can walk normally for the first time in years, which I am really grateful for as I’m still only 34!

My friends cannot believe the difference, and some have been trying Serrapeptase for themselves — all with successful results.

I will definitely be placing another order.

Yours sincerely,

Janine Harper, Great Britian

PS You can reprint my letter. I hope that other people find Serrapeptase as beneficial as I have. I finally have my life back after years of suffering with pain.

Serrapeptase Testimonial #2

With regard to the effects of Serrapeptase: I initially decided to try it because of an article in the UK national press reporting on its benefits as an anti-inflammatory agent. It is available in the UK , but at twice the cost advertised in America .

I have suffered from inflammation due to wear and tear and a compressed disc in the lower back for six years now, and have had to rely on NSAIDS for relief. I don’t like taking them because of possible long-term side effects.

I find that Serrapeptase is more effective than NSAID in this respect.

However, it so happens that there is a history of heart disease in my family (from both parents), and whilst I have no symptoms, it is comforting to know that Serrapeptase may well be removing any build-up of arterial plaque. I can only assume that doctors here do not prescribe it in Britain because of the lack of wholescale testing results.

It also happens that I am mildly asthmatic (I sound like a walking, talking hospital case), and for as long as I can remember, I have suffered from nasal blockage on one side or the other. This has dramatically reduced and more often than not, vanished, since I started to use Serrapeptase.

I have noticed no side effects.

I have no objection to you showing this to your customers.

Jim Westhead, Great Britian

Serrapeptase Testimonial #3

Your comment and observation on Serrapeptase was interesting as in March this year I fell through an open trap in the floor of my house badly injuring myself.

I suffered from shock and had to lie down for an hour but in the absence of any apparent hemorrhaging I opted not to seek medical attention. It looks today as if I’ve misshaped a couple of ribs and the blow was such that I should have had signs of bruising and swelling yet none appeared! Although I suffered the tenderness for months I was otherwise not incapacitated, with the exception, however, that I was unable to continue weight training for some time.

In early November, on losing my balance (would those incidents be due to ageing?), I fell headlong hitting and splitting my forehead on the sharp edge of the sewing machine box and with my 14.5 stones behind it! I was concussed for a few seconds and bleeding yet was able to resume my normal daily activities. The open wound on my forehead healed faster than any open wound ever healed before; indeed within about 5 days it had entirely gone!

The frontal lobe area of my brain was obviously injured and I suffered internal aches, occasional dizziness, and problems with focusing, and those were much in evidence if and whenever I omitted to take my daily dose of Serrapeptase. I’m fit and well, and indeed, there’s seldom a day when I never have that ‘feel good’ factor!

I’ve been taking Serrapeptase regularly for over 4 years and hence the interest in your observation about Serrapeptase.

Regards and best wishes,

Robert Scotland